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Completely free loyalty management software
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What we believe in
We want to offer the best QR code management system for free so we can help as many businesses possible

We have a secure platform

We use industry leading security software to make sure that your data is protected

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Its built by a team of experts in Stockholm - Sweden

We have alot of experience in building software systems and have been working with cloud software for almost 10 years

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The Animals

Were motivated to help businesses and share product experiences

We are fortunate in Stockholm and want to give back to the world by making a platform for businesses where they can get the help they need through technology

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About the system

Core features of RankFans

100% Free Software

We are innovating in the marketing segment so we decided we would lead the way with a FREE cloud loyalty management system

Technology For Everyone

We want to provide the number one platform for loyalty management on the planet. We have made it our mission to build such a system for businesses so they can have access to the best software on offer.

Ethically forward

We believe in using industry based standards to drive innovation and evolution. We want to create an environment where improvements in the software are available to everyone regardless of financial situation

Responsive Design

Our software is written with responsive design in mind. What this means is we will support all the modern desktop, mobile and tablet devices,

Work Mode

We have the best work mode operation on the market with a powerful QR code generator that can handle all your client offerings. Features include multiple services, products, points

Online redemption

Allow clients to pay by points online. We support full point redemption and plan to offer other payment options in the future.

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We want to help the businesses who need it most, and thats why we offer our service for free
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